A Message from the Friars

Christ is born: glorify him! Christ from the heavens: go out to welcome him. Christ on earth: exalt him. All the earth, sing to the Lord, and praise him with joy, O peoples, for he is glorified.
–Matins, Irmos of Ode 1

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hope and Joy fill our hearts as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope for the future, whatever God may have in store for us. Joy for your presence with us – you are God’s gift to us, praying with us in the chapel or in union with Christ from your homes and churches near or far.

We give glory to Christ who though he was God, was pleased to be born in a lowly cave. The humiliation of poverty and the fright of fleeing to a foreign land reminds us to be grateful for the many gifts God has blessed us with – and to be generous with those who have less than we do.

Our friary continues to sponsor programs in our Emmaus Hall: call or email for more information.

May God grant you peace and joy. And may those who see you and speak with you see this peace of Christ in you, especially those who are not at peace in their hearts. This is the greatest gift that we can give – the peace of Christ to those God is calling to be our brothers and sisters.

With love and prayers from all the brothers at Holy Dormition Friary,

Fr. Jerome Wolbert, OFM

Fr. Jim Carroll, OFM

Br. Augustine Paulik, OFM


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