About Us

san-damiano-cross-padre-pio-center-closeupAs a Brotherhood of Saint Francis of Assisi, we participate in the life of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and are thus empowered to joyfully live and preach the Gospel Life. Our mission is to proclaim by active and contemplative witness the truth that “God is with us.”

We seek to share the faith heritage of the Byzantine peoples with our Order and the whole Church.

We strive to live the Gospel Life in prayer, fraternity, and simplicity.

We strive to build up the People of God by sharing ourselves, our way of life and by risking everything for the growth of the Kingdom of God.

We strive to respect the image of God in each person we encounter; by seeking to peacefully reconcile the broken and suffering with Christ.

Although our ministry is primarily to Byzantine Catholics and the other members of the Franciscan Family, our hearts are especially open to all our brothers and sisters of the Catholic faith and we exclude no one in sharing the Good News.

Our primary service is to the Byzantine Church. We also serve Roman Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Scranton.

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Blessing of Saint Francis

May the Lord bless you.
May the Lord keep you.
May He show His face to you and have mercy.
May He turn to you His countenance and give you peace.
The Lord bless you.