Secular Franciscans Today

Tau with Knots
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Secular Franciscans number several hundred thousand worldwide, with more than thirty thousand in the United States. We believe that as lay people we have been called by the Spirit of God to live the Gospel, as ongoing conversion in our daily lives and in fraternity with the support of shared prayer, faith sharing, ongoing formation and Christian service. We are not called to “leave the world, but to transform it.” As we live our lives, our ideals, our prayer, and our lifestyles become a witness and a proclamation of the Gospel challenging both those around us and empowering us through the Spirit, to transform and free ourselves from all that keeps us from loving God and each other.

Our Way of Life

We seek to encounter the living and active person of Christ in our sisters and brothers, in Sacred Scripture, in the Church, and in Liturgical Prayer, especially the Eucharist.

We have special concerns for the work of peace and reconciliation.

We seek to respond to Gospel challenges through the witness of individually and collectively being in the forefront in promoting justice:

  • through the esteem for work as both a gift and a sharing in creation, redemption and service to the human family,
  • through making of family life a sign of peace, fidelity, respect for life and a world already renewed by Christ,
  • through respect for all creatures both animate and inanimate which reveal the love of God for us thus fostering an attitude of environmental sensitivity and of limiting our needs.